26 September 2014


I did these digital paintings / illustrations studies about a year ago (October 2013), as a practice and study to further teach myself how to blend and paint digitally. I don't quite like how they turned out, to be honest. Well, I tried. Sigh.

I have a major respect for digital artists, painters and illustrators everywhere -- because to be honest, for me, drawing and painting with a tablet is very hard! (Okay maybe I wasn't supposed to let the cat out of the bag) It takes hours and hours and maybe years of practice to get used to it. Maybe someday I might be much better at it. Okay let's keep practicing! 

I can't decide which hair colour and skin tone I like best, so here are two of them! hehe. Okay see you again on my next post!

Tools : PaintTool SAI, Wacom Intuos4


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