13 June 2011


I did this a few days ago, because I had a sudden craving for sushi. And I still haven't got my sushi yet. Tsk. :(

Oh on a side note, Syasya is coming down to town tomorrow! And she will be staying here with me until Friday! Woohoo! I'm so exciteddddd. Because you see, I haven't seen her for more than two months. And I've missed her so badly. Yayy, can't wait to parrrtayyy! XD

And of course, I can't wait to get my sushi fix while she's here. Yums! :9 And oh, also my movies and shopping trips fixes too! Whee! Just a few more hours to go!

Experiment X

So after class today, I was playing around and experimenting again, using the same drawing that I posted in my previous post this morning. Yeah, you can tell that I was bored huh? -__- You can see the original black and white drawing here (the 4th drawing).

Experiment I

Experiment II

Whoah this is madness!

Insert Title Here

I did a little experiment on colouring/rendering my old doodle with Photoshop last night. Well, I always use Photoshop to colour/render my Interior Design Studio's drawings, so why not my doodles right? And yeah it was fun fun fun! I want to do this more often, hik.

Well, of course I'm not the first person to do this. A lot of artist/designers colour and render their illustrations with Photoshop, that's for sure. But this is just my first attempt, that's all it's all about.

I have actually posted this doodle on an old post, it's a black and white version. Take a look HERE (the 4th image).

p/s : I reaaaally need to scan my recent drawings and illustrations soon. It has been a long overdue, hasn't it?

02 June 2011

Let Them Eat Cake

Don't you just love a good ol' rich chocolate cake? :9

Abah's Birthday Card; Part 1

So my dad's birthday was on the 1st of June, which is yesterday. Every year I would make him a handmade card, with papers and other materials that I could get my hands on. I also make handmade cards for my mom's birthday, my siblings' birthdays, Mother's & Father's Day, and all other occasions every year; without failing. (Okay, I may have amplified the "without failing" part a little. Of course, sometimes I do forget to make them and I would just buy the readymade ones instead. :p).

But recently, when I was about to make a handmade card for dad's birthday using the traditional method that I have always been using, a friend sort of sparked this genius idea for me : to make a card using Photoshop. I was like, why haven't I thought of that? That is an absolutely genius idea! (Please note that I had never done any greeting cards digitally before this. Don't ask me why). So I decided to combine two methods to make the card -- 50% using Photoshop & 50% using traditional-handmade method.

Birthday Card for Abah; 1 June 2011
(I call my dad Abah)

This is the front cover (the right side) and the back page (the left side) of the card. I am actually very pleased with the outcome. I had a blast making this card using Photoshop! I should use this method more often. I could actually make money out of this! Hmm. 

You're probably wondering "So which part of the card that uses the traditional-handmade method?" Well that would be used for the inside of this card! I would do pop-ups and such. But they're not ready yet. Maybe I'll post the finished version later. Mayyyyybe. :p

Just Some Crap

Just a doodle I did using ScribblerToo. It looks like crap, but I had fun doing it. Haha.

01 June 2011

That Magical Land Beneath Your Skull

Instead of talking rubbish, take a second to just be silent and THINK! Explore the beautiful magical bizarre land that is in your head, beneath your skull, that is your brain, the one that is beautifully created by God only for you; and listen to what it has got to say. :)