18 April 2011

Celine Shoes

Just look at how awesome they are! They are like a combination of clogs, wedges and platforms. These darlings are absolutely perfect for every occasion and event; no matter what your style is. And I'm sure they are quite comfortable too. (Well, they may be a bit difficult to walk in at first though)

People as Food Series

This is just a personal project of mine which I did last year, where I turn people around me into food in the form of illustrations.

Akem is a Sandwich

Muhammad is a Slice of Pizza

Naddy is a Donut

Syasya is a Cupcake

Shikin is a Lollipop

Nadh is a Popsicle

16 April 2011

New Header

Haha so I'm changing the header again; just because designing and making new headers is always fun. ;)

The latest header