21 September 2010

Old Junks

These are some of the drawings I did back in high school.

I miss the amount of time I used to spend on drawing and sketching back in those days. I used to draw at least five to ten drawings a day, everyday after school.

Now that I'm just a bit way too busy with uni -- with the hefty amount of projects and assignments and such, and also with my social life -- I don't really have much time to produce personal artworks anymore. Which is really really sad. :(

But I still try my best to find some time to produce personal artworks anyway. I would DIE if I don't produce any. :)

A portrait of my dad.
He asked me to draw this based on his passport-sized picture.
Drawn some time around 2005.

The Dancing Girl.
Was drawn when I was studying anatomy from one of the books from the "How To Draw Manga" series.
This was drawn back in 2006.

A sketch based on my comic about a girl band.
The story board for the comic was finished, but the actual comic was never finished.
This was drawn around 2005.

Fashion Doodles?

These are some of my fashion illustrations. Well, I think they're actually classified as doodles. Fashion doodles maybe?

I Can't Wait for My Sister's Homecoming!

My sister Naddy is studying in Australia and I haven't seen her for about a year and I've missed her so much. She's my best friend in the whole wide world and we've been best friends for 20 years! I mean, seriously, have you been best friends with someone for 20 years? Other than her, I haven't been best friends with anyone that long.

I miss going out with her where she would drag me to every shop she sees (this annoys me sometimes but oddly enough, this is what I miss so much about her), I miss going out with her where we would just window shop and buy nothing, I miss her contagious laugh, I miss her impossibly long eyelashes and her beautiful supermassive no-eyelids eyes, I miss her clumsiness, I miss listening to her stories, I just miss herrrrr! Sobs. :'(

She'll be home this Sunday, and she'll be here for two weeks. I swear we're going to cry and scream and be all emotional at the airport this weekend! Haha I'm so exciteddddd. :'D

So, this is a drawing I made of her. When I was drawing this, all I wanted was to make her smile whenever she sees this and make her miss me a little bit less. :)

My super-beautiful sister. :)

But I Miss You

This is a painting I did for one of my uni projects. It's about the mixed feelings experienced by a pair of lovers who have broken up; where they are actually still in love with each other. They feel that the break up is the best solution, but on the other hand they kind of regret breaking up the relationship because they are missing each other.

Painting on canvas, using acrylic paint.

I don't have the picture of the full painting though. :/