21 September 2010

Old Junks

These are some of the drawings I did back in high school.

I miss the amount of time I used to spend on drawing and sketching back in those days. I used to draw at least five to ten drawings a day, everyday after school.

Now that I'm just a bit way too busy with uni -- with the hefty amount of projects and assignments and such, and also with my social life -- I don't really have much time to produce personal artworks anymore. Which is really really sad. :(

But I still try my best to find some time to produce personal artworks anyway. I would DIE if I don't produce any. :)

A portrait of my dad.
He asked me to draw this based on his passport-sized picture.
Drawn some time around 2005.

The Dancing Girl.
Was drawn when I was studying anatomy from one of the books from the "How To Draw Manga" series.
This was drawn back in 2006.

A sketch based on my comic about a girl band.
The story board for the comic was finished, but the actual comic was never finished.
This was drawn around 2005.

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