03 December 2010

Grand Opening?

FINALLY! I've finally decided to change the concept of this blog; from a doodle/sketch blog to a -- wait for it, wait for it -- FASHION & ILLUSTRATION BLOG! *fireworks*

Hence, the new name and URL of the blog; from MYEDOODLES to MYESARAHHALIM. *second fireworks*

SO this blog will be about fashion & illustration, where the illustrations I post in here will be mostly about fashion. And I'll try to post stuff regarding fashion, styles, trends, tips and all sorts of things related to fashion. Not to fret though, because I'll post the illustrations more than the images. ;)

This is the current header/banner for this blog. It's just a simple one I made in Photoshop CS3. Maybe this is just temporary. I'll make a new, permanent, real one when I feel inspired.

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