01 October 2011


Because every now and then we all need that self-motivation; you know, THAT push for us to go further and to be strong and continue fighting our battle in our own battlefield. So jyeah, ganbatte Mye! You can do this! Yosh! >:D

So how do you motivate yourselves? :)


  1. stuffed my ears with good inspiring songs *dont have to be slow songs, can be like kelly clarkson's genre of music..teheee..n while listening, jot down something nice and stare at it.. oR2, say a little prayer...n express everything u feel to Him, as he deserves to be the best listener to every tiny bits of things that happen in our life..(: this works best for me! u could try...

    lots of love,hugs and kisses from faraway land <3
    uncharted series~ :P

  2. nyawwww, yup it's so true! :') praying and talking to Allah and asking Him to grant us with strength & inspiration always help. I always feel inspired after praying and reciting dua to Him, alhamdulillah. He's always with us kan after all? He never leaves; The Most Merciful, The Most Gracious. :')

    thank you sweetheart!! lots of love for you too! and tons of hugs and kisses back!

    ahahah yeah, uncharted series yayy! ;D