14 November 2009

All Work and No Play Makes Mye A Dull Girl

Oh these are just a few doodles/sketches that I did while I was studying for my final. Reading those notes & wordsss just makes me sleepy. *yawn*
So I took a few breaks and doodled / sketched these to keep me awake.
And also to entertainment me from the boredom of readinggg & studyinggg.

Oh yeah this was done at 5++ in the morning & I was superrr hungry. Hee. ;p

I was listening to a sweet love song when I drew this.
Hehe I was giggling the whole time I was drawing this because it's just soooo cute! :)

(The guy was giving the girl some flowers but she got too shy & acted all silly. Hee.)

This is just a quick sketch. Done less than 2 or 3 minutes I think.
This is like a reflection of myself. Yeah yeah I always trip when I walk. *sigh*

Have I told you I was superrr hungry? Oh yes I have.

Oh yeah this was done on my Design Methodology's notes.

Okayyy that's all for today. I'm gonna continue readingggg. eeeeek.

Listening to : History by Funeral For A Friend


  1. OMG...mye tolong wat sketches 4 me?...hehe,nice sketches!

  2. mai,cantik blog....i like the header...keep doodling.

  3. love your doodled/sketched...and ur header (^_^)

  4. OMG baru perasan these comments! :p

    nad :: sure sure, boleh je. :D nad nak mye sketch ape?

    omomom :: awww thanks omom! :D

    heerlijk :: thank youu! :D

  5. if there had button "likes" for those pictures. i will click